On March 3 at 11: 00 you can visit a new web page for managing your FOOD by Coor card. Besides that you can charge your card there are new and improved features. The new website is also mobile-friendly with full functionality on all mobile devices.

The New Website

You can do more on the new website

Of course, you retain the benefits that are linked to FOOD by Coor card, such as access to fast cash and discounts on products in restaurants and cafes. 

  • Register a FOOD by Coor cards
  • Block a lost card
  • Moving money from an old card to a new card
  • Change the email address that is linked to your card
  • Take note of the statistics on purchases made
  • Printing receipts for purchases
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Get your FOOD by Coor card today

You can collect your FOOD by Coor card at any of our restaurants or cafes.

Follow these steps to register your card on the website the link below sends you to:

  • Click on the link to register your restaurant card
  • Fill in the requested information and click register
  • After a while you will receive an email with a username and password and can then log in
  • To log in, enter the user name and password

Observe that you must register your card and receive login details before you can log into the portal and use your card.

Register your FOOD by Coor card and load it with money

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Food by Coor Card

A prepaid card that you can use quickly and easily in all our by restaurants and cafes

Once you refill your customer card with cash, you will get many benefits:

  • Discount on our lunch dishes
  • Access to our quick checkouts. You do not have to queue at the checkout to pay.
  • Discount on our café assortments
  • Ability to block a lost card
  • Access to statistics on purchases made